Calvary Kids Registration

By pre-registering your child, they'll be in our system when you arrive.

At Calvary Chapel Wilmington we use a check-in / check-out process to maintain a safe and secure environment for your children.

When you arrive at the Calvary Kids Check In station, our Check-in team will give you a set of stickers with your child's name, class room, and a unique ID number. You can then escort your child to their class.

Providing your cell number allows us to contact you during the service if needed.

After the service, bring your "Parent" label to your child's classroom to pick up your child. This system ensures that your child can only leave with you, or your representative.

Calvary Chapel will never release any information about your family without your express permission.

Contact Information

Tip: We need your carrier to be able contact you during the service if needed.

Demographic & Maritial Information

The people listed here are the only people who will be allowed to check your child out of their classroom.

Family Information

Tip: Please list any allergies or special needs along with the name of the child